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Slidopytsky takeoff BC "Excalibur"

July 4-10, 2022

A week ago, the first event called "Excalibur" thundered in our camp. The trackers from different parts of Ukraine came to get to know each other, to glorify God, and most importantly, to learn the secret of the sword, which is obeyed only by a pure heart. During the whole week, they contemplated the history of the kingdom and its future heirs. The three sons had to pass the test received from their father to prove their worthiness for this throne.

Of course, the sledopyt race was not without specializations. Children mastered the art of pizza making, archery, cooking in natural conditions, tickled their nerves on the climbing wall, and even rode a donkey. There were also various camp games such as capture the flag and treasure hunt.

All in all, the first race was probably one of the best this year, because the level of epicness of the program just bought people. And the meaning that was invested in the story played out in skits, children, we hope, will carry with them throughout their lives.

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