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Sports and leisure drive "Just calm"

July 11-17, 2022

The second run, and rather an emotional adventure, was "Simply calm". The children met six emotions: joy, fear, anger, sadness, patience and love. And every day they were told how to express these emotions so that they were understood correctly and expressed non-toxicly.
For example, anger is a perfectly normal emotion that arises in response to an adverse environment. But one must be able to express anger in such a way as not to offend the interlocutor, and at the same time reveal one's true emotions.
Joy is an emotion of light, with which it is desirable to illuminate even the greatest sadness, because optimism (especially now) is exactly what keeps us afloat now.
Fear is a normal response to something new, but you have to fight with it, because you won't know until you try.
Sadness is a logical response to something that is difficult to experience. But sadness should not be artificially created. It is harmful for a person to be in the sadness that he has created for himself.
Patience is about waiting for the moment, so as not to get caught up in negativity, to meaningfully explain your feelings.
And one of the most important emotions is love. Love for a friend, for one's other half. But the most important thing is God's love for man.
And it is in harmony and balance that you can get the same feeling of calm — complete peace and harmony.

In addition, the week was full of active activities, camp games, cooking on the trip and children's smiles.

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