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Sports and recreation event "Flashback"

July 18-24, 2022

The third in line was the race "Flashback".
The change was a return to the time of the death of Jesus Christ, like a real journey into the past. And everything would have been according to the usual biblical plot, if it were not for the fact that Pilate entrusted the case of the disappearance of the body of the Son of God to Publius (a high-ranking Roman soldier). Not believing in the resurrection, he instructed him to find the body of Christ, which, according to his version, was stolen by Jesus' disciples.

Skeptical Publius, like Sherlock Holmes, constantly interrogates witnesses, searches for the truth, sometimes stumbles upon the truth, sometimes a Pharisaical lie. And in the end, he himself comes face to face with the one... Whom he was looking for.

During the shift, not only Publius learned new things and searched for the truth - the children also did not forget to develop. Camp games, specializations, cooking pizza and food on the fire, football, volleyball... Everyone had something to do, relax and distract themselves from the negative.

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