The camp where you are you ...

Feelings are real, friends are close, smiles are sincere, and the sky connects with the earth.

New acquaintances

New acquaintances are a thing that will have a very strong impact on our lives in the future, if in ordinary life you are ashamed or do not know where to start, then in the camp you will have the opportunity to practice this skill. Here you can find new friends and continue to communicate with them outside the camp. The main thing is a little courage and desire !!!

Great recreation center

Ironically, comfort has recently become very important in everyone's life. Comfortable rest - this is exactly what you can guarantee YOURCAMP Camp Your Camp offers every holiday a wide range of services:
- 9 houses
- Football field of UEFA standards
- Volleyball courts are covered with sand
- Spacious dining room
- Outdoor pool
- Picturesque nature
A modern base with good and comfortable conditions will allow you to relax as much as possible.

Delicious cuisine

In our kitchen there are always delicious, fresh, and most importantly healthy products. The diet is designed so that your child will always have enough protein, fat and carbohydrates. Our chefs always try to prepare the most delicious dishes. That's why the kitchen is another big "+" of ours!

Outdoor recreation

Nature, spring water, rich forest aromas, picturesque landscapes, all these undeniable benefits are present in the camp Your Camp. Change your locations, relax with us, breathe life into your

Quality medical care

Safety and health during the entire stay in the camp is our duty, which we fulfill with all responsibility! That is why the YOURCAMP camp has a 24-hour medical care center. Qualified specialists, all necessary medicines and equipment - always at your service!

New discoveries

What a trip and vacation can pass without extraordinary impressions and new discoveries. We are always happy to help everyone. For this purpose, cognitive circles are held, the thematic program of the camp is thought out, hikes are organized, and much more. Join us, open the world to a new scale, expand your horizons, be aware, discover the unknown.

Christian atmosphere

Jesus Christ is an example of Christian, moral, and ethical behavior, and we strive to bring all of these qualities to life in Your Camp. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere that will give you a new impetus in spiritual growth and motivate you to grow in a qualitatively better direction.

Interesting speakers

Speakers are those people who give very valuable knowledge and truths to everyone who is present at the camp. They inspire, sum up the day, and speak to every little heart. To fill it with such traits as: honesty, loyalty, kindness, love, decency, responsibility! These are people you can always turn to for advice and strong support. They make you think and teach you to conduct self-analysis. These are the people who speak to your heart!

Affordable price

Every year we strive to offer not only better quality but also affordable vacation. A distinctive feature of Your Camp has always been the low price of tours. This became possible due to the presence of its own recreation center, dedicated work of the volunteer team and the participation of sponsors. Holidays with us are always available and as full as possible. Get more with us.

The best team

We pay the most attention to this! The team is the soul and mood of the camp. All mentors and instructors are pre-trained and fully acquainted with the program and rules of the camp, and only after training and approval by management, begin to work with children. We always try to become a faithful friend and a reliable person for the camp visitor.

Your Camp

Christian sports and health center Your Camp.

The base of Your Camp includes many amenities that will make your stay comfortable.

The base of the camp is in the forest in the fresh air away from the noise of cars and the hustle and bustle of people. The camp has comfortable houses for living, each house has toilet and hand basins, and the base also has new hot showers water

Our changes
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Our projects

During the martial law, we temporarily changed the type of activity, and began to provide support in accommodation, food and vital necessities for students, children of SZHO, orphans, accompanying children.

You can support us with help Debit / Credit Card, PayPal or SWIFT transfer. The funds will go to projects of your choice. In case of balances or non-implementation of projects, the funds will be distributed among other projects. By contributing to the project, you agree with the rule of distribution of money in the presence of balances or non-implementation of projects.
Many years of experience in their field helps to maintain a high level of the camp.

Heading: Thank you!