Completion of the 4-story building

Needed: $45000 (Collected: 20000$)
Implementation date: COLLECTION CLOSED
Dear sponsors!

We are asking you to help us complete the construction of our house with a total area of 1,500 m², designed to provide comfortable living for displaced people, as well as to hold various activities aimed at supporting disabled people, youth, children.

On the ground floor the building will house a medical center, a conference hall, recreation rooms and workshops. There will also be a recreation area on the first floor, where you can spend time with friends.

On the second floor the house will have 6 living rooms, toilets and showers, which will create conditions for comfortable living of those who need temporary housing.

On the third floor the house will have a hall for religious services, which will provide an opportunity to gather together to pray and sing, listen to God's Word.

To complete the construction of our house, we need glue, grout, tiles and other building materials, funds for paying craftsmen and builders, for a total of $45000 (Collected: 20000$). We would greatly appreciate your help with this project.

Despite the fact that the hall, rooms and office premises on the first floor have not been completed, we already held more than 7 events for young people, teenagers and people with disabilities in the new year.

Polva School "Master Guide"

Arrival of people with disabilities

Youth weekend "Come to me..."

Check-in "SAS" (Service of Adventist Students)

"Everest" trail race

Arrival of the children of "Vikhod" ministers

Every small contribution will help us reach our goal and create more comfortable conditions for everyone who needs it.

Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions, please contact:


We send our best wishes to the OSI organization and the entire team!

We are sincerely grateful to you for the opportunity to support the ministry at the camp during this difficult time! The tile for which you transferred the funds has already been purchased, and the craftsmen will start laying it in the near future.
We couldn't do it without God and you!

Thank you again! Your help makes a big difference!

Best wishes, Igor.