Required: UAH 1,250,000
Implementation date: COLLECTION CLOSED
Every year, many different programs were held in the camp, and this year already at the beginning of April more than ten programs have been conducted. Most meetings are followed by baptism. In 2021, the camp had the most baptisms for the entire year: 85 people entered the pool and testified through baptism about their decision to follow God.

The camp hosts evangelical programs, races for children, scouts, youth, family races, races for people with disabilities, as well as, sometimes, pastoral, presbytery meetings and meetings of department heads.

Present the center of influence has two purposes: to carry out programs to keep children and youth in the church, as well as evangelical programs that reach people who are in search of God. In connection with the increase of the territory and the completion of a new admixture, there is a great need to purchase and install inventory: electric transformer.

This equipment is necessary for voicing religious services, sermons, songs, cleaning the pool in which baptisms are held, preparing food for participants of the programs, functioning of the medical center, which provides assistance to both pupils and residents of the village.

Cost purchase of this inventory with connection 1,250,000 UAH

This center of influence is the property of the Bukovyna Conference and this inventory will belong to the Bukovyna Conference.

We currently have the installation plan attached as a file.

This year, by the beginning of April, more than ten programs were held, among them:

English Camp Airport

Arrival of people with disabilities

"Everest" trail race

Check-in "SAS" (Service of Adventist Students)

Arrival of the children of "Vikhod" ministers

Youth weekend "Come to me..."

Every small contribution will help us reach our goal and create more comfortable conditions for everyone who needs it.

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