Faucets and toilets for children

Required: 13900$
Implementation date: COLLECTION CLOSED
Time passes, construction continues, and the weather becomes more and more severe and cool. The temporary showers and toilets were indeed temporary - now, when the evening is getting colder, the children are not as comfortable in them as in the summer. Eventually, the last days of summer will end, and autumn will confront us with the fact: we need to complete the first floor. That is why we really need quality materials. We need toilets that will last more than one year, we also need faucets for showers, sinks and wash basins. And it should all be of high quality, because not for ourselves, but for the children of orphans and children in difficult life circumstances, whose lives we want to improve. We are already finishing the plastering of the first floor walls later, so this is our first and biggest need at the moment. And we ask you, if you have the opportunity and desire, to help build this center of peace for children, so that they feel better, because hygiene is one of the most important components of human health.
Each of your contributions is a great help to us.
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