Children's event "Club of healing hearts"

This program helps children understand and express their emotional pain (emotions, experiences) and offers ways to express it. Using practical tasks, children will be ready to face new challenges and opportunities in life.  

Each day, children will look at a modern children's life story, which is an introduction to the day's theme and is developed through discussion, exercises and crafting. And they will also study Bible stories on the topic along with a memorable verse.  

These materials were first tested in Uganda, then used in other African countries, as well as in Asia and Latin America. Living in the realities of war, this program has become relevant in our country as well. 

This program was developed by the Institute of Trauma Healing together with the Bible Society.

July 25-31, 2022


13 years


Roman Makarchuk

Pastor, head of the Department of Children's Ministry BC. 

I love God, I love children, I enjoy nature and traveling by car in Ukraine. 


Each day is unique, but not like the previous one

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For teenagers 9-13 years old

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It is desirable to add the phone number to which "Telegram" is registered

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Places are limited: 100 - houses



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For details, or a personal discount, write to Telegram, Viber by number - +380 95 397 7118, Roman Makarchuk
To complete the registration you need to make a prepayment of - 500 hryvnias If you refuse to go to the camp, the subscription is non-refundable. Be sure to enter your child's last name in the payment field on the next page! 😉