SHUTTLE youth camp "ReStCamP"

Moral and spiritual support of youth in wartime. Inspiration from God at the updated SHUTTLE congress. Feel the wave of emotions together with new friends.

August 8-14, 2022




Semyon Bykov

Youth leader of the Southern Conference, pastor, husband, father. 

Dreams about: Rafting on the Southern Bug River, daily fishing, obtaining a higher spiritual education at the Andrews Seminary, USA, so that the war ends with the victory of Ukraine and many families return home.


Each day is unique, but not like the previous one

What to take with you

Make a note of the items you have already collected.
Prohibited items: alcohol, narcotic substances, cigarettes, sharp and cutting objects, food.

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For youth 16+

It is desirable to add the phone number to which "Telegram" is registered

If you are attending any church or community with your parents, or yourself, write the city and the name or number of the community.


There are 40 places left in the tents.


R.S. If you have financial difficulties, contact us and we will try to help you.

For details, or a personal discount, write to Telegram, Viber by numbers:
+380 66 060 19 57, Andriy Karmazeniuk
+380 99 028 95 15 - Vitaly Tabarcha
To complete the registration you need to make a prepayment of - 500 hryvnias In case of cancellation of the trip to the camp, the subscription fee is not refunded.