"My Life – My Love" My life – My Love

Love is what we invest in our children from childhood
Therefore, we invite children to spend a week in love, positivity and incredible emotions.

July 8-14, 2024





About the camp

Children's camp "My Life - My Love" My Life - My Love will take place from July 8 to 14, 2024 in the Christian sports and health center Your Camp.

The base of Your Camp includes many amenities that will make your stay comfortable.

The base of the camp is in the forest in the fresh air away from the noise of cars and the hustle and bustle of people. The camp has comfortable houses for living, each house has toilet and hand basins, and the base also has new hot showers water


Nel's sawdust

An ambitious and creative person who loves children and invests this love in them



What to take with you

Make a note of the items you have already collected.

Any other certificate that indicates specific health issues
Those who do not have one of the documents/certificates, or are not signed/written, etc., are registered last. Let's respect each other's time❤️


Registration is complete


For children 7-13 years old

It is desirable to add the phone number to which "Telegram" is registered

It is desirable to add the phone number to which "Telegram" is registered

Cost: UAH 5,000
2nd child from the family: UAH 3,500
3rd child from the family: UAH 3,000

(Discounts apply to the 2nd and 3rd child, provided that two or three children from the family are traveling)
The 4th and subsequent children travel at the price of the 3rd child

Free seats: 21
* Mandatory registration fee: 500 hryvnias
After registering for the program, you need to add to Telegram channel where you will be able to get more information about check-in.