Sports and recreation race "Just a barrel"

When in your life 🤯😢😖👿🥺😱😠🥲😮‍💨,  God has everything simple.

You will find:

July 11-17, 2022


15 years


Andriy Skoryna

Youth leader of the Kiev conference, a loving husband, father of 2 sons and a businessman. 

A dream is a year-long trip around the world with your family. 


Each day is unique, but not like the previous one

What to take with you

Make a note of the items you have already collected.

Registration is complete


For members of adolescents 9-15 years

It is desirable to add the phone number to which "Telegram" is registered

It is desirable to add the phone number to which "Telegram" is registered

If you are attending any church or community with your parents, or yourself, write the city and the name or number of the community.


Places left: 8 - houses (boys), 49 - tents.



Choose the discount that is right for you. At the end of the points is the price of the stay. Discounts do not add up. The biggest of all is elected. The number of free tickets is limited and is valid for one check-in per year.
For details, or a personal discount, write to Telegram, Viber by number - +380 66 046 7439, Nadia Tikhon
To complete the registration you need to make a prepayment of - 500 hryvnias If you refuse to go to the camp, the subscription is non-refundable. Be sure to enter your child's last name in the payment field on the next page! 😉