Week of Love and Hope: Report on the Winter Charity Drive at the 'Your Camp' Camp

Opening hearts to prayer and love

Amen is loudly shouted by every child in the hall after the prayer "Our Father" by pastor Igor Tymko. 74 sincere hearts, wounded by life's difficulties, war, had the opportunity to spend a week at the winter charity drive in the "Your Camp" camp from January 8 to 14, 2024.

Responsibility to the children of Ukraine

Now in Ukraine there is a need for rehabilitation of children who lost one parent in the war, or two under other circumstances. The Slavic Church of the ASD "Heaven for All" from the city of Cleveland in America solved this issue financially, and together with the support of other organizations, this project was successfully implemented with the implementation of the "Your Camp" camp.

Touching hearts and heroism of little helpers

Great experiences were experienced in relation to this ministry, in particular, with Genadiy Kasap, 11-year-old boy Sashko and support from performers and art groups. Their actions show a huge heart and willingness to serve.

Rehabilitation in different dimensions

The children of the military, the children from the DBST sincerely mourned and rested, including physical, psychological and spiritual rehabilitation. The program included meetings with psychologists, massage therapists, team games and studying stories from the Bible.

Happiness and Blessings of children

And how happy these children were when they had the opportunity to spend time in the circle of friends, feeling that they are loved and cared for here. Feedback from parents confirms that it was a special and meaningful time for their children.

A call to goodness and gratitude

Feedback from parents, as well as the support of the Holy Spirit, were very valuable. If everyone is moved by the Holy Spirit to support such projects, we will gladly accept and do good together. This is exactly the moment when the hand of Christ is over everyone who works fruitfully in his field for the salvation of souls. That moment when you want to say: "Thank you, God, because with you we were able to bring a little peace to this world."