Recovery and Joy: An Unforgettable Week at 'Your Camp'

Recovery and Joy at "Your Camp"

And another wonderful week was spent at the "Your Camp" camp, where every day was filled with fruitful work and visible results. From April 15 to 21, 2024, 77 children from Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk regions got an unforgettable opportunity to meet new friends, recover spiritually, psychologically and physically. The charity rehabilitation event for the children of fallen soldiers and children of the UBD was distinguished by a wide range of activities that inspired and moved the hearts of all participants.

Mission and Children: Support for Children of Warriors and UBD

This visit to the "Your Camp" camp played an important role in supporting the children of fallen soldiers and children who survived military conflicts. He not only gave them the opportunity to recover and find support, but also offered the indescribable joy of communication and new experiences.

Mental Rehabilitation and Support: Rehabilitation of Children

The support and assistance of psychologists and massage therapists, as well as rehabilitation activities, were key components of this week. The children had the opportunity not only to recover physically, but also to find inner harmony and support for further development.

Hospitality and Gratitude: Visit of the Chairman of the OTG

On Saturday, April 20, Vitaliy Shafer, the head of Yurkiv OTG, personally visited the camp to express his support and gratitude to all those who joined this noble cause. His visit was another confirmation of the importance and significance of this project. After that, each child received valuable and useful gifts, which greatly impressed the parents.

Continuation of the Story of Kindness and Support

Each successful visit to the "Your Camp" camp is an important step towards creating a happy and supportive environment for children. This story of kindness and support must continue and everyone can contribute to this noble cause by giving their help and support.