CAC "Black and white" 2.0

January 10 - 15, 2023

Welcome to the photo album of the SAC Christian youth event! Here you can find wonderful memories and moments from an unforgettable event where young people gathered together to deepen their relationship with God.

You will see how our camp turned into a real spiritual music festival in the evenings. Christian hits were played throughout the camp, and the youth felt their relationship with God strengthened through music.
Also, in the photo, you will see how the camp participants immersed themselves more deeply in Wordship. They prayed together and honored God, which further strengthened their bond with Him.
And our camp was a place where young people could find new friends and communicate with like-minded people. In the photo you will see how they spent time together, shared experiences and discovered new truths for each other.

In addition, the participants of the camp had the opportunity to hear the speaker Vilis Neikurs, who talked about his experiences and shared spiritual advice.
Thank you for sharing these moments with us and we hope they stay in your heart forever and inspire you in the future.

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