Offline meeting of ZhVD

April 21-23, 2023

Welcome to the photo album page of the "ZhVD" offline meeting - an unforgettable event that was remembered for spiritual singing, prayers, communication and an extraordinary baptism!

At this exciting event "ZhVD", people from different parts of the world gathered together to feel the power of unity, to give praise together and to be imbued with spiritual values. The photos you will see here reflect the unforgettable moments of this extraordinary event.

This photo album shows the sincerity, emotions and joy that overflow the members of "ZhVD". We believe that these images will transport you to an atmosphere of common prayer and shared joys.

We invite you to view this photo album, full of spiritual moments and unforgettable memories. Looking at each photo, you will feel the energy and sincerity that take over each participant of the "ZhVD" event.

Let these images be a testimony of our unity and unforgettable memories. They will remind us of the importance of communication.

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