Construction of 24 houses

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Implementation date: June 2023
For several months in a row, we have been accepting refugees from all over Ukraine. During the entire war, more than 3,000 IDPs passed through our camp. Now there are more than 280 people living in our territory, we want to accept even more people who need it, and increase the number of people accepted in our territory for future changes and arrivals.
For this, we want to build 24 family-type houses with a private bedroom, bathroom. node and a small kitchen. People with small children who need special care come to us now, it is difficult for them to live in the dormitories that we provide for everyone. We see this as the best solution. One built house costs about 40,000 $. We want to build a 24 bedroom, bathroom house. node, kitchen, hall, and a large 2nd floor, which will accommodate 8 beds to accommodate families with different numbers of children.
Before the war, we functioned as a sports and recreation camp, accepting youth, children and family members from summer to winter. Built in the middle of the forest, it became a center of safety and peace.

That is why, with the beginning of the war, refugees from different parts of Ukraine came here. Those who lost their homes and sometimes relatives came here to survive. The camp provided them with food, a roof over their heads, peace and hope. Students, families, as well as 150 refugee children from shelters in the Mykolaiv region found shelter here. The latter generally got here under shelling, and even before that they had seen enough troubles in their lives.

The management considered it their duty to restore their sense of security. And to this day, many people are working to ensure that more and more refugees have a place and food.

Of course, all this was not easy for the team. And the territory of the camp, designed for weekly arrivals, has become a home for refugees for the fifth month. There are now more than 280 people in the camp.

There is not enough space, and it is difficult for family people with small children to live in dormitories. Therefore, we want to build 24 two-story houses on the territory of the camp, which will provide refugee families with a private bedroom, a small kitchen and a bathroom. There will be as many as 8 beds on the second floor, so that both children and adults have a place to sleep. Of course, these houses will be useful to us in the future: throughout the year, during visits, we receive a large number of different children from different cities and with different life circumstances. The atmosphere of this place changes the fate of some of them forever.

We hope that this contribution will help us not only here and now, but also in raising a healthy generation of future Ukrainians.
Each of your contributions is a great help to us.
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