Building to improve sanitation

Required: 600000$
Collected: 200000$
Date of implementation: November 1
Our camp was created to bring people joy, to raise a strong nation physically and morally. These tasks received a new meaning at such a critical moment for all Ukrainians as the war.

Today it is relatively safe in the western territories of Ukraine, but many people from its central and eastern parts have been left without a home and livelihood. Among them, the most vulnerable are children, especially orphans living in boarding schools and specialized institutions.

During the war we received and placed in our camp for permanent residence of pupils of 3 boarding schools from the Nikolaev area. It's close 160 children who have no parents. Now they have only us and their educators.

They are provided with:
5 meals a day
Warm beds
Opportunities for physical and intellectual intelligence
Urgent changes that are needed in the near future are:
Increasing the number of toilets
These items should be implemented in parallel with the organization of stable nutrition and providing children with basic necessities. We are not able to do all this ourselves, but we believe that there are many hearts that, like us, cannot remain indifferent to the fate of these children.

That is why we organize targeted fundraising. Every hryvnia will benefit and help the cause. We are convinced that by changing the life of one child, we change the world. We will be grateful for your support and distribution!

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