Playground for the little ones

Collected: UAH 300,000.
Date of implementation: May 22
Collection completed!
Today, the camp has 40 preschoolers and 110 school-age children. We provide them with proper hygienic conditions, complete 5 meals a day, warm beds and constant care for educators and volunteers. Children spend all their time here, so now there is an urgent need for a place for leisure, because in our camp there are no playrooms.
In order to create conditions for a useful pastime in the fresh air, we plan to equip a playground with outdoor play equipment: sandpits, swings, slides, ladders, etc. It is here that children will be able to develop physically, develop a strong vestibular apparatus, rest actively, overcome fears, learn to interact with other children and the environment, play and develop.

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Collected - UAH 300,000
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