The road to school

Required: UAH 15,000. every month
End date: FEE CLOSED
Each of us understands that education is the main factor of success for the future child. Unfortunately, our camp does not have classrooms and the necessary facilities to organize a local school. However, we have the most valuable thing - those who want to learn. The Yurkiv United Territorial Community responded to our need: it provided premises and taught children at the nearest school in the village of Rzhavyntsi.
Every day we take the children by bus to school and after the lessons we bring them back to the camp. Our daily fuel costs (10 liters of gasoline) are UAH 400. On the weekends, we try to organize excursions for children, educators and a team of volunteers who work with children in the nearby cities, so that they can relax and gain strength for the new working week. In addition, we have an urgent need to replace bus batteries, which will cost UAH 8,000.
Required amount for fuel per month - 15 000 hryvnias
One-time battery replacement - 8 000 hryvnias

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